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Home - iPhone XS Max- Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality]

iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality]

This repair applies for iPhone XS Max device that has cracked, damaged, broken, smashed screen but is responding to your touch & LCD is 100% working order.

Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality]

    • iPhone XS Max Cracked Screen Repair Expert in Melbourne, Sydney Rockdale & Carnegie
    • Repair done within reasonable time frame
    • Competitive Price for iPhone XS Max Broken Screen Repair
    • Quality parts and expert technicians in Melbourne, Sydney Rockdale & Carnegie for iPhone XS Max Smashed Screen Repair

Repairing Service

  • Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality] $549.00
  • $ 549.00
  • Book Repair

The price is inclusive of Parts, Labour & GST. No Additional charges.

Quick Info

  • Estimated Repair Time
    30 Mins
  • Warranty
    90 Days
  • Walk in
  • Free Pick Up
  • Mail in Repair
  • Water proof / Water resistant-
  • Parts Type
    High Quality Non-genuine
  • Low Stock
    Please Call

Available payment options

  • Direct Deposit/Internet Transfer
  • Master/Visa/Amex
  • Pay Later


iPhone XS MAX Screen Replacement Service in Melbourne, Sydney Rockdale & Carnegie:

The iPhone XS MAX is another superb instalment in the iPhone series. Apple never fails to amaze us with its ingenuity and once again has delivered us with an impressive spec. Apple’s iPhone XS Max offers the biggest screen available in an iPhone to date, along with many of the top-shelf features like Face ID. It’s the perfect option for people who want to upgrade from older Plus models. The largest screen yet, with a 6.5 inch diagonally, the device also comes with a bigger risk of screen damage and breakage. There still may be significant damage to your iPhone. Even after the launch of the device we have already experienced two cases of the device which includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage. But, every incident has a service that can ix the damage. Below is a list of the impressive spec everyone is talking about:




A12 Bionic

Operating System

iOS 12


2,688 x 1,242


157.5 mm x 77.4 mm x 7.7 mm


7.34 Ounce ( 208 grams)


Bluetooth, NFC

Screen Size

6.5 Inches


Up to 512 GB


3174 mAh


4 GB

The bigger the screen, more the chances of screen damage. There are instances when your LCD is still intact, working with no spots, scratches, lines but your upper screen is shattered. You should not have to change both components if it is not necessary. This is exactly what Repair Mate provides.
Repair Mate brings the Screen replacement ( working LCD and touch) repair service which entails only your upper screen being replaced. All of the parts used for the repair though non-genuine are of the highest quality and are of the manufacturer's specification. We only use those suppliers with the best quality products and the best of reputations. For us! Goodwill matters more!

Repair Mate is a third party repair establishment located in Melbourne, Sydney Rockdale & Carnegie. It is not an apple authorized service station or an apple store. We just like repairing apple iPhones.This does not mean we refrain from repairs outside of these places. We do entertain mail-in orders. If you can get the device to us, we will fix any hardware related problem. We are one of the best providers of Apple iPhone Screen Replacement services in the vicinity.
The estimated repair time for these kinds of repair is 1 day. We also have an online booking system which makes booking the repairs easier for customers. Our superb customer service will notify you what exactly is happening with your device in every step of the repair process. Do visit our stores to get your iPhone XS MAX Screen replacements in Melbourne, Sydney Rockdale & Carnegie to get the best services at a superb, affordable iPhone XS MAX screen replacement cost. We provide superb iPhone repair at minimal service fees. The Screen repair parts are of the highest quality and are all bubble free. Please keep in mind that the screen does not have 3d touch. We will repair it at the highest efficiency with replacement kits only being used by professionals. Also, none of our repair shops conducts repairs for apple watches and our repairs are not covered by apple warranty. If it an iPhone model whether it is the iPhone xs and xs or the iPhone 6s or xs and xs max, everything will be fixed at a superb repair pricing.

The eligibility of the device for this repair depends upon the Condition of Working LCD & Touch which are as follows:

1. This repair is strictly subject to inspection by our staff/technician.
2. LCD has to be original screen fitted by the manufacturer and never been repaired before.
3. LCD & touch screen has to be in 100% working condition.
4. Pressure marks on screen, Pink screen, damage lines on LCD, dead pixels and other defects of LCD and touch screen are not applicable to get repaired under this product (Please select damaged LCD product). 
5. LCD showing signs of ageing and or transparent vision are also do not meet the condition of this repair option.
6. The LCD has to be salvageable condition. This repair option will not be applicable if we believe that the LCD will not be in salvageable condition after disassembly.

Repair Mate staff will make decision after inspection if this repair cost is applicable for screen repair.

iPhone XS MAX Screen Replacement Service in Melbourne:

Repair Mate Melbourne House the best technicians who are more than capable of properly assessing your iPhone XS MAX, providing a reasonable quote for the cost of iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement service and conducting the actual repair itself. The Melbourne Staff specialize on iPhone models so rest assured! your device is in the best hands.
All of the parts used for the iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement though non-genuine are of the highest quality you can find in the market. It is because of our confidence in the Melbourne staff and our superb work ethics that we provide a standard 90 days warranty on most of the repairs. However there are conditions regarding the warranty, it is a limited warranty in the sense of the no of days we take as the eligible time for you to bring the device to us. The best part about Repair Mate is that it repairs what is needed for the device, not what brings us money. We value goodwill more than profit. Hence, If you have an iPhone XS MAX that only needs the Screen Replacement then, Repair Mate Melbourne is probably the best repair option you can possibly find. We aren't limited to this particular model, you can bring other iPhone like the iPhone XS to get fixed by us. We also provide the best iPhone XS Screen repair services. Do visit Repair Mate 365 Little Collins Street to solve all your Screen or any kind of a hardware problem your iPhone XS MAx may face and for an express replacement service.

iPhone XS MAX Screen Replacement Service in Carnegie:

Repair Mate Carnegie has its expertise in iPhone models. The staff members there will provide you with the best quote for your iPhone XS MAX Screen Replacement. We have a superb customer service system that will notify you about every step in the repair process. Any query will be answered instantly via mail, chat or phone call. Our online booking system makes it easy for customers to order the repair for their device. We are at a stage, where customers don't need to physically bring in the device for repair. We entertain mail-in orders or even will provide free pick up services for most of the repairs. A customer can check the free pickup availability in the repair page itself or whilst booking. The estimated repair time for this repair is 1 day. It may sound long! But even though the actual repair can be completed in 2-3 hours, our staff like to keep the device under observation so that no recurring problems may occur in the future and we can return the device in top notch condition. If you face such a problem with your screen then Repair Mate Carnegie is the best solution you could hope for. Do visit 2-20 Koornang Road Carnegie to solve all your hardware related problems regarding your Apple iPhone XS MAX cases.

iPhone XS MAX Screen Replacement Service in Sydney Rockdale:

Repair Mate Sydney Rockdale houses the best in class technicians who specialize in iPhone models. The staff there are more than capable of repairing your iPhone XS MAX in the most efficient way possible. We provide a standard 90 days and free pick up service on most of the repairs. These options can be checked and selected easily in the repair page or while booking the repair.

Repair Mate also houses a superb customer service who will answer any and every query you may have about your repair. All of the queries are answered instantaneously through the mail, phone call or email.

Our online booking system has made the booking service convenient for the customers. We are at a stage where customers don't need to physically bring in the device. We provide a range of courier options and do entertain mail-in orders as well. If you can get the device to us, we will repair it.
If you face such a problem with your iPhone XS Max screen or any kind of hardware problems, then Repair Mate Sydney Rockdale is the best solution for your troubles. Do visit 495 Princes Highway to solve all your iPhone XS MAX Problems.

Note: This repair only applier to those devices with intact LCD at top notch condition meaning no spots, scratches, cracks.

Screen replacement generally fixes these issues, unless the issue is related to other components :

  • Touch Screen not working
  • Fix for unresponsive touchscreen
  • Fix touch screen that is not sensitive
  • Fix dead area in touchscreen
  • Fix hairline phone screen crack
  • Fix cracked screen
  • Fix broken Screen
  • Fix smashed Screen
  • Fix shattered Screen
  • Fix scratched Screen
  • Fix screen Damages
  • Fix broken front glass

What does the Quote Service entail?

There may be some repairs that are not listed on our website, but that does not necessarily mean that we do not do it. You can put forth a quote request on our website. Our team will verify the availability of the repair parts, estimated cost and time of repair and respond to your quote request. Only when you agree to the provided quotation, shall we proceed with the repair. Just to remind you that there are no obligations whatsoever to accept the quotation. You have every right to discard it.

What delivery options are provided whilst returning the device?

There are two options to receive your device after repair with additional cost. You may choose Express post which costs $25 and Normal courier which costs $15.This option will be prompted to you during the booking process.

Repair Service Include

    • Digitizer Touch Screen Glass for iPhone XS Max
    • Fitting of iPhone XS Max Screen Assembly
    • 90 Days Warranty on Replacement Part/s

Repair Feature

    • New High Quality Touch Screen Replacement
    • Replace your broken, damaged, unusable Touch Screen
    • Repair completed within reasonable time frame

Compatible Models for Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality]

  • iPhone XS Max

We offer Free pick up for most repairs booked online from some of these areas:

  • VIC : Post Code 3000 to 3996
  • NSW : Post Code 2000 to 2880
    (Including 3644, 3691, 3707, 4377, 4383 & 4385)
  • ACT : Post Code 2600 to 2914
  • NT : Post Code 0800 to 0886
  • QLD : Post Code 4000 to 4895
  • SA : Post Code 5000 to 5960
  • TAS : Post Code 700o to 7470
  • WA : Post Code 6000 to 6958

Repair Service Centre locations

  • Repair Mate Melbourne CBD
    Level 3, Suite 307
    365 Little Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

  • Repair Mate Express Carnegie
    Kiosk 3, Carnegie Central
    2-20 Koornang Road
    Carnegie VIC 3163

  • Repair Mate Fonedeals Rockdale
    Shop 1
    495 Princes Highway
    Rockdale NSW 2216

Repair Risks

General wear and tear during repair process is unavoidable, might have small visible glue residue

Repair Mate : Melbourne's Leading Gadget Repair Specialists

Over thousand Repairs makes us Melbourne's most trusted repairer! We make it simple, easy and hassle-free to get your device back to working order with any fault. Our technicians are trained for iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality] to perfection, where each component is seated properly and each screw tightened enough to ensure a firm hold.

Frequently Asked Question about this repair

Repairing Service

  • Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality] $549.00
  • $ 549.00
  • Book Repair

The price is inclusive of Parts, Labour & GST. No Additional charges.

Please Note

Device manufactured with water-proof ability might not retain water-proof ability and manufacturer's warranty might no longer be valid after device being repaired. Repair Time are estimated repair time in best case scenario and parts required being available in stock. Cost is estimate only & subject to change anytime without notice. Some areas might be outside our courier pick up zone and no postage credit is offered when handset is sent by the customer.