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Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen & LCD Replacement

Repair Cracked Screen & Damaged Display of Nokia 6.1 Plus with a standard warranty. We fix broken screen within 30 mins while you wait at our repair centre.

Screen & LCD Replacement

    • Nokia 6.1 Plus screen repair expert in Melbourne, Sydney & Rockdale Carnegie
    • Nokia 6.1 Plus Cracked Screen reply done within 30 mins
    • Quality parts and expert technicians for Samsung Nokia 6.1 Plus screen repair

Repairing Service

  • Screen & LCD Replacement $130.00
  • $ 130.00
  • Book Repair

The price is inclusive of Parts, Labour & GST. No Additional charges.

Quick Info

  • Estimated Repair Time
    1 Day
  • Warranty
    90 Days
  • Walk in
  • Free Pick Up
  • Mail in Repair
  • Parts Type
    High Quality Non-genuine


Repair Mate offers screen replacement of Nokia 6.1 Plus in Melbourne, Sydney & Rockdale Carnegie. We offer the best online repair service with the highest quality parts! Get your Nokia 6.1 Plus screen fixed today! Our repair service is available via mail-in repair as well. We will repair your Nokia 6.1 Plus within few hours. This repair applies to a mobile phone that has cracked, damaged, broken, smashed screen & LCD or screen that is not responding to your touch.

The screen of Nokia 6.1 Plus takes expert repair technician to replace a cracked screen. Always replace your screen with expert technicians who are trained and follow correct repair procedure.

Repair Service Include

    • Digitizer Touch Screen Glass for Nokia 6.1 Plus
    • LCD for Nokia 6.1 Plus
    • Fitting of Nokia 6.1 Plus screen & LCD
    • 90 days warranty for part/s replaced

Repair Feature

    • New High Quality Touch Screen replacement
    • New High Quality Touch LCD replacement
    • Replace your broken, damaged, unusable Touch Screen & LCD
    • Repair completed within few hours

Compatible Models for Screen & LCD Replacement

  • Nokia 6.1 Plus
  • Nokia X6

We offer Free pick up for most repairs booked online from some of these areas:

  • VIC : Post Code 3000 to 3996
  • NSW : Post Code 2000 to 2880
    (Including 3644, 3691, 3707, 4377, 4383 & 4385)
  • ACT : Post Code 2600 to 2914
  • NT : Post Code 0800 to 0886
  • QLD : Post Code 4000 to 4895
  • SA : Post Code 5000 to 5960
  • TAS : Post Code 700o to 7470
  • WA : Post Code 6000 to 6958

Repair Service Centre locations

  • Repair Mate Melbourne CBD
    Level 3, Suite 307
    365 Little Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

  • Repair Mate Express Carnegie
    Kiosk 3, Carnegie Central
    2-20 Koornang Road
    Carnegie VIC 3163

  • Repair Mate Fonedeals Rockdale
    Shop 1
    495 Princes Highway
    Rockdale NSW 2216

Repair Risks

General Wear and Tear, there might be residue of glue

Repair Mate : Melbourne's Leading Gadget Repair Specialists

Over thousand Repairs makes us Melbourne's most trusted repairer! We make it simple, easy and hassle-free to get your device back to working order with any fault. Our technicians are trained for Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen & LCD Replacement to perfection, where each component is seated properly and each screw tightened enough to ensure a firm hold.

Frequently Asked Question about this repair

Repairing Service

  • Screen & LCD Replacement $130.00
  • $ 130.00
  • Book Repair

The price is inclusive of Parts, Labour & GST. No Additional charges.

Please Note

Device manufactured with water-proof ability might not retain water-proof ability and manufacturer's warranty might no longer be valid after device being repaired. Repair Time are estimated repair time in best case scenario and parts required being available in stock. Cost is estimate only & subject to change anytime without notice. Some areas might be outside our courier pick up zone and no postage credit is offered when handset is sent by the customer.

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