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Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Phones | Repair Mate

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Does your Samsung Smartphone screen protector SUCK?

Well…Make it suck less !!!


Get a Whitestone Dome Glass yourself

Nowadays, larger screen and slimmer bezel, curved edges and corners smartphones are essentially popular.  Surely, they look pretty cool. You get a bigger screen to browse the internet, play video games and most of all, the phone is lighter than any other phones you may have used. Its only normal that customers would want to buy devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, higher end Samsung Galaxy s-series phones and so one. But, investing on such a high end phone does not mean you should compromise on the screen protection of your device.

 Professor Jürg Nänni, an authority on visual cognition, states that:

 “Rounded corners are easy on the eyes. It takes a less cognitive load to see rounded rectangles than it does to see sharp-cornered ones.”   

 But there’s more to them than meets the eye. 

Curve edges reduce wear and tear over time and provide a small buffer to prevent catastrophic damage. 

 Curve Edge Smartphones are here to stay.

 Give your Samsung smartphone the true screen protection it deserves.

 After all, owning a top of the line Samsung smartphone is one heck of an investment.

 Therefore, protecting is important.

…Whitestone Dome Glass is perfect for you

In today's era, most of us opt for slimmer and lighter phones or even bezel-less phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We want bigger screens that allow us to surf the net in a more abstract way. But, the bigger the screen higher the chances of breakage. Everybody wants the best protection for their devices. Dome glass is the perfect answer for this. Whitestone dome glasses offer the first true full-screen adhesive temper glass screen protectors for these bezel-less phones. The secret behind it is that these dome glasses use the patented LOCA technology which stands for Liquid optical clear adhesive. The beauty of the LOCA technology is that the liquid glass spreads over the screen including existing scratches and scuffs. It sets to create watertight protection from edge to edge. The liquid glass adhesive forms around the screen to create a single solid layer of the screen with anti-shatter protection. If you are worried about the saftey of your device then, Whitstone dome glass is the perfect choice.You wont regret the investment. Below are the devices which Repair Mate provides the WhiteStone Dome Glass Screen Protectors for , You can click on BOOK NOW ! to order in the repair :


1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
2. Samsung Galaxy S10 CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
3.  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
4.  Samsung Galaxy S9 CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
5.  Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
6. Samsung Galaxy S8 CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
7. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW
8.  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
9. Google Pixel 3XL CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !
10. Google Pixel 3 CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !

What makes the Dome Glass perfect?

• Whitestone Dome Glass is designed to absorb and distribute the shock of an impact.
• Whitestone Dome Glass covers the rounded edges which limits the probability of permanent damage by 67.48%.
• Whitestone Dome Glass is the first true “full-screen adhesive” tempered glass screen protector.
• Whitestone LOCA technology disperses over the whole screen and even repairing light scratches.
• Whitestone Dome Glass has a “Oleo-Phobic” coating which protects against sweat and reduces fingerprints.
• Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector provides full screen coverage while retaining its slim profile and touch sensitivity.

And the fact that it features a full screen coverage, which means it adhere to all edges of the screen.

What will happen if adhered only on the top and bottom edges?

It will become just a mere floating glass and each time you press, it make contact with the glass beneath, eventually, create scratches from constant rubbing. 

Still, thinking of a second-rate smartphone screen protector?

Sure, they are cheaper than Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector.

But… Just like the old saying goes “You’ll get what you paid for”.

In fact, one video reviewing the whitestone Dome Glass screen protector give these ratings.

1. Scratch Resistance: 5 out of 5:
It’s up to par with any of the other screen protector tested.

2. Installation: 4 out of 5:
Everything is there, is all laid out, you have instructions and super easy to install. [Watch Here]

3. Touch Sensitivity: 5 out of 5:
You don’t have to change the settings to turn on the extra touch sensitivity to make it more sensitive. Pretty much you’ll do that with otherscreen protector. 

4. Case Friendliness: 5 out of 5:
It will work with any case that you purchase and it adhere to the Phone so that it will not pop-up.

Another thing to think about is that: Whitestone is the only tempered glass screen protector recognized by Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP).

 Yes! the screen protector is a little bit expensive than its predecessor screen protectors, But take this into consideration that Whitestone dome glass is the only screen protector recognized by SMAPP. You might find other utherane or plastic protectors in the market as an alternative but, trust us! they do not give you true protection, are vulnerable to scratches and in some cases reduces the transparency of the protector to the screen. Wheras, traditional screen protectors are rigid in nature and can only cover a flat side and falsely advertises themselves as full screen protectors. These temper glasses are installed to cover areas between the glass and the screen with dots making it prone to touch errors.

On top of the said screen protection, the dome glass also provides protection against blue light. If your wondering what blue lights are? Every mobile device emmits a kind of short wavelengths which is harmful to humans. They may cause insomnia or even long term damage to your eyes.Whitestone decrease these wavelenghts by 25% making it more healthier to use.

So stop compromising on your device's protection. If you are gonna invest in its protection then invest in a product that actually works. Visit Repair Mate either at Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney or Carnegie and get your new whitestone dome glass installed. Trust us! you wont regret it. We can provide all of these installations at resonable costs.  Visit any one of our stores which are listed as the follows:

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