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Repair Mate caters to every iPhones currently in the market and iPad and Macbook repairs in Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Carnegie & Australia Wide. From iPhone XR screen replacements to iPhone 6.7.8 models to iPhone 11 repairs. We do it all.

Apple has always been at the top of its game when it comes to smartphone technology. With its first iPhone series, Apple laid the groundwork for the most significant players in the smartphone industry. The tech giant's benchmark of what a smartphone should be can be founded from the first iPhone series to the iPhone 12 series. Every series launched in the market has been an improvement on the predecessor. That is why Apple has such a demand for smartphones, not just smartphones but also laptops and tablets.

But every smartphone, however technologically advanced, still has its finite lifespan. General wear and tear are unavoidable over the years. Even with the build quality of Apple, the devices are still prone to physical and liquid damage. 

Now and then, you need a repair centre who can cater to these issues as buying a smartphone nowadays is an investment and not a purchase. Here is where Repair Mate comes along. With 5 Branches in significant Australia, High-quality parts, and expert technicians catering to iPhone repairs since its first model. What more could one want?

Repair Mate caters to every iPhone in the market and iPad and Macbook repairs in Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Carnegie & Australia Wide. From iPhone XR screen replacements to iPhone 11 repairs. We do it all.


Types of iPhone Screen Repairs:

Repair Mate provides two kinds of screen repair options for iPhone screen replacement in Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Carnegie & Australia Wide.

iPhone Screen Only Replacement:

Suppose the iPhone's display and touch are in perfect working condition. There are no dark patches, spots, or lines on the screen then. Repair Mate provides high-quality iPhone screen only replacements. Please note that the device has to meet the criteria stated above. The tech will check the device for these elements when the device is at the store for repair.

We do this particular repair option because, with the increasing iPhone smartphones' increasing prices, these parts' fees are also high. It allows us to cut costs for customers, even if it's a little bit.

iPhone Screen and LCD Replacement:

If the above-stated criteria do not meet, there are issues with the display, e.g., spots, lines running through it. The screen went dead. Or the touch stopped working, partially works. In such cases, we do offer high-quality iPhone screen replacements in Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Carnegie & Australia Wide.


Mobile Screen Replacement in Hobart:

Our newest branch of Repair Mate strives to meet all the iPhone repair needs of people residing in Tasmania. We aim to provide High-Quality mobile screen replacements in Hobart. The techs working there all are experts in apple devices and have much experience with Repair Mate Melbourne.

The employees present there will provide you with the best repair and superb customer service, and a standard warranty on all repairs. If you're looking for a reliable shop to get your Apple device repaired, Repair Mate Hobart will be the place to be. From iPhone XS Max screen replacements to iPhone XS Screen replacements in Hobart. We do it all. Visit Shop 5, 31Criterion Street Hobart TAS 7000, or call us at 03 6292 6000 for superb iPhone repair services in Hobart at a reasonable cost.


iPhone Screen Replacement in Brisbane:

Another of our newest branches. Repair Mate Brisbane aims to provide superb iPhone repairs services in Brisbane. Located at Fairfield, the tech working here has expertise in apple devices and many other brands. The tech will take care of your iPhone as if it was their own.

All parts used for repairs though non-genuine, are still of the highest quality and are backed up by our warranty on repairs. The technicians are more than capable of adequately assessing the device, providing a reasonable quote for the repair, and efficiently doing the repairs. From iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen repairs in Brisbane to iPhone 11 Pro repairs in Brisbane to iPhone 11 repairs in Brisbane to any other iPhone or any brand models for that matter. We do it all. Visit Repair Mate Fairfield Brisbane at Kiosk 1, Fairfield Garden, 180 Fairfield Road Fairfield QLD 4103, or call us at 07 4243 4488 to get the most reasonable iPhone repairs in Brisbane.


iPhone Screen Replacement in Sydney:

Repair Mate Sydney has been working for more than ten years in this field. We have done an uncountable amount of repairs for the iPhone and other brands. Located at Rockdale, we provide expert repair services for iPhones. From iPhone X Repairs in Sydney to iPhone 8 Plus repairs in Sydney to any other models. We will do any hardware repairs on it. Visit Shop 1,495 Princes Highway Rockdale Australia NSW 2216 or call us at 02 8880 9292 to get high-quality iPhone screen repairs in Sydney.


iPhone Screen Replacement in Melbourne:

Repair Mate Melbourne is where it all started. The main branch caused a chain reaction to open other departments in Australia's best five regions. Repair Mate Melbourne provides high-quality iPhone screen replacement options at a reasonable cost. We aren't just limited to screen replacements. If it's anything hardware, we do it. 

Visit Level 3, Suite 307, 365 Little Collins Street Melbourne Australia VIC 3000, or call us at 03 9067 7551 to get the best iPhone repairs in Melbourne.


iPhone Screen Replacement in Carnegie:

Repair Mate Carnegie might be our busiest branch. It is open all days the week to cater to all our customer's needs. The techs present there has a plethora of experience when it comes to iPhone repairs in Carnegie. iPhone 12 Pro Max repairs to iPhone 12 Pro repairs to iPhone 11 repairs to all other iPhones models. We do it all! We aren't just limited to screen replacements and will do anything hardware related.

Visit Repair Mate Express Carnegie at Kiosk 3, Carnegie Central, 2-20 Koornang Road Carnegie Australia VIC 3163, or call us at 03 9020 4573, the best iPhone repairs in Carnegie, Victoria.