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Samsung Screen Replacement

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Get a high-quality Samsung Screen replacement done at Repair Mate.

Samsung Screen Replacement

Have you cracked your Samsung screen and are now wanting to replace it? Well, Repair Mate is there for you. If you're ever in need of high-quality Samsung screen replacement in Melbourne, Carnegie, Hobart, Brisbane, or Sydney, remember us. For people anywhere in Australia, we provide mail-in and on-site repair services as well. All in all, we are known for the fastest and the cheapest Samsung screen repair/replacement service.


 Based on the condition of the screen and the LCD, Repair Mate provides two iPad screen replacement options.


i. Screen Replacement(Working LCD and Touch):

                            A light-drop or any careless incident may lead to the screen crack of your Samsung phone. If your Samsung phone has only acquired screen cracks, and there are no functional issues or anomalies, your device will be eligible for this repair. 


ii. Screen & LCD replacement:

                              In bad times, your phone can receive heavy internal damage even though it was just a light-drop when you saw it. Immense pressure or powerful impact on the floor can easily wreck the LCD of your Samsung phone resulting in irresponsive touch, discoloured linings, etc. In that case, your phone will require the full screen and LCD replacement.


The parts that we use are of the highest quality and come under a warranty of 90 days. With decade long experience in this field, Repair Mate is more than capable of repairing the screen issues on your Samsung phone or Samsung Galaxy Tab screen issues. We not only look after Samsung smartphones but also serve for Samsung Galaxy Tab repairs, Samsung Galaxy Note repairs, and many other brands.


Samsung Screen Replacement Near Me


Based on five different locations in Australia— Melbourne, Carnegie, Brisbane, Sydney, and Hobart, we offer Samsung Galaxy screen replacement services at a very low cost. Below are some of the services that we provide.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen & LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Replacement 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen & LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen  Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen & LCD Replacement 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Replacement 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement

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