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Get your Samsung phone repaired with Repair Mate at a cheaper price and faster time than the official Samsung stores.

Samsung Stores


Samsung or any other brands do not endorse Repair Mate. Samsung Warranty is not valid at Repair Mate and vice versa. However, we have been serving people with Samsung repairs for almost a decade. Samsung stores charge way more than any third-party repair centre like us. It's by human instinct we tend to doubt the word 'third-party.' So, we opt for official repairers and pay a bit more for the security of our devices.



Meanwhile, it's not what it seems to be. Being a third-party repair centre, we can claim that our company can give the same service as the official Samsung stores. The only factor that distinguishes third-party repair centres from them is the quality of parts used. Many third-party repair centres use low-quality parts due to which people get reluctant to hear third-party repairer. However, it's not the same with Repair Mate. Repair Mate is bound to use high-quality parts only. These parts are equivalent to those of the manufactures in terms of quality and functionality.


If you're near Melbourne, near Sydney or anywhere in Australia and searching for an official Samsung store, it's always better to contact us. Repair Mate guarantees the same quality and professional repairs as that of Samsung stores at a much lower price. We also provide 90 days warranty for all Samsung repairs, excluding the water damage repair, which comes under 30 days warranty.


Repair Mate not only looks after Samsung smartphones but also serve for Samsung Galaxy Note repairs, Samsung Galaxy Tab repairs, and many other brands out there in the market. Why spend more money when you can enjoy the same service at a much lower price?