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Mobile Phone Screen Replacement Melbourne

Broken LCD & Screen repaired of all models of mobile phone with quality parts and reasonable cost.

Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie | RepairMate:

Cellular devices have played an integral part in our daily lives. They allow us to increase our efficiencies to new heights. But as human beings are clumsy creatures, our mobile phones are also prone to significant damages from screen breakage to speaker damage to charging port damages. Unless you are filthy rich , we cannot afford to change our devices every time we break it. The best solution for this has to repair shops. But, You do not want just any kind of a repair shop. You want the best possible repair shop in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie. The answer to this is Repair Mate. Here are some reasons why:

All of the parts used at Repair Mate for any smart phones are of the highest quality that are supplied by experienced and reputed suppliers. We do not compromise on quality.

Our staffs have their expertise on mobile devices. We do not expand to different ranges of electronics. Instead of being jacks of all , we are masters in repairing mobile devices in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie like smartphones, tablets, laptops.

We do not provide a lifetime warranty. That's unrealistic!  We offer a standard 90 days warranty on most of our repairs because we have confidence in our work. These warranty include faults from parts, or the defect in labor associated with it.

Repair Mate also has possibly the best customer service system with a efficient messaging system. Every step of the repair is communicated to the customers so that they know what exactly is going on with their device. A customer could inquire at any time about their device and we could tell them what exactly is going on without fail.

We feel a lot of customers damage their phones because of water damage. Hence we provide superb water damage assessment and quote service for every listed device in our website.    

Mobile Phone Screen Replacement in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie:

Ever faced problem that are caused due to a broken screen & LCD? Trust us ! it's not worth having. Repair Mate provides the best in class Screen and LCD Replacement for most brands. The repairs can be completed in 2-3 hours but we officially estimate the repair time to be 1 day as our staffs like to observe the device even after repair so that we can check for any other underlying problems that may surface later on.

We also provide free pick up services on many Screen repairs. The specific pages in our website will tell customers if free pick up is provided.All of these repair also come with a standard 90 day warranty.Repair Mate also provides new ranges of accessories for screen and LCD repairs like High quality tempered glass or screen protectors options. The best in class Phone screen repairs are given by Repair Mate. 

Apple iPhone Screen & LCD Replacement (Display Replacement):

We provide Screen and LCD Replacement services for all iPhones from iPhone 5 to iPhone X. All of these repairs are completed in 30 minutes to 3 hours. The parts used for repair are of the highest quality and are fitted by expert technicians. 

Repair Mate also operates on iPad repairs along side the iPhone repairs. Even though we flaunt on our expertise of iPhone screen repair,that doesn't mean we disregard other repairs that may be needed for your device. If its hardware related then we do it. We offer the best mobile phone repairs in Sydney and in other locations like Melbourne, Carnegie. Some of the other repairs are as follows :

iPhone X Battery Replacements

iPhone 8 Plus Speaker Replacements

iPhone 8 Charging Port fix

iPhone 7 Plus  Power Button repairs

Samsung Repairs in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie:

We offer a plethora of repair services for Samsung devices including samsung galaxy phones and tablets. We might just be one of  the best possible tablet repairer around. We operate on both Samsung Mobile phones and Samsung tablets. The most common repair as assessed from years of experience is Samsung Screen & LCD Replacement which can be completed in 2-3 hours. All of these repairs come with a standard 90 days warranty.We provide the best mobile phone repairs in Carnegie. We also have our expertise on other repairs of samsung like the follows:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Battery:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Back Cover Repair

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Camera

Huawei Repairs in Melbourne, Sydney &  Carnegie:

Huawei is one of the biggest rising company in the market right now. It has released exquisite model that even rivals the biggest tech giants like Apple and Samsung.  However the devices of huawei are still prone to damages. From Huawei Screen and LCD Replacements to battery replacements to charging port fixes. Repair Mate does anything related to hardware. If you have a broken huawei , then visit any of our stores and we will have it fixed in a jiffy. Some of the  repairs we do are :

Huawei P20  Pro Water damage assessment and repair

Huawei Google Nexus 6P Battery Replacement

Huawei Mate 10 Charging Port Fix 

Oppo Repairs in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie:

We also conduct efficient repairs on Oppo devices whether it is a R-series or F- series or A- series. We repair any hardware related problems from cracked screens to battery to water damage and so on. The repair process is systematic and communicative at every step of the way.

HTC Repairs in Melbourne, Sydney & Carnegie:

We also conduct efficient repairs on HTC devices whether it is a Desire-series or U- series or Tablet- series. We repair any hardware related problems. It's not just about repairing an electronic device or just a simple cell phone repair. It's about quality service.

How to Get Repairs for other makes and models: